Dogs (and other small animals)

Agility dogs need to be in peak athletic condition

Agility dogs need to be in peak athletic condition

Many dogs can benefit from a regular check to maintain their overall comfort

Many dogs can benefit from a regular check to maintain their overall comfort

As with horses the use of Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy treatments to treat dogs and other small animals is becoming much more widespread, with the benefits being seen across a wide variety of activities and disciplines.  

 Whether your dog is a working dog out on a shoot all day, an agility dog needing to be in the peak of fitness to maintain record times, or your beloved pet who wants to play and run about with his friends; they all need to keep their musculoskeletal system in good condition.

 Dogs that work in competitive sports (particularly agility-based sports) can develop musculoskeletal problems due to the stresses and strains of their activities. These problems may result in reduced working comfort for the animal and a reduction in its competitive edge. Indeed, many agility dog owners are so well tuned to their dog’s performance, they know immediately when there is only a minor problem, as his or her competition times can be affected.

 McTimoney Animal Chiropractic and Physiotherapy can also help dogs that suffer wear and tear from their working lifestyles, as well as household pets that are struggling with everyday life as a result of old age, injury or illness.

Some of the signs to look out for in your dog that can suggest musculoskeletal problems include:

  • A reduction in competitive performance such as a slight slowing of competition times

  • Crying out when getting up

  • Difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars

  • Signs of discomfort when being stroked on their backs

  • Reluctance to exercise or reduced athletic performance

  • Stiffness or pain following exercise

  • Compensation for underlying problems such as obesity, orthopaedic conditions, and breed predispositions

  • Uneven gait

  • Asymmetry in muscular development or not walking straight.

 If you think that your dog could benefit from a treatment, call Nikki for a chat on 07788 723205 or email: She will be very happy to discuss your requirements and tailor the treatment to suit you.

It should be noted that this therapy can also be used on cats, rabbits and other smaller animals as well as goats, sheep and cattle. Many of these animals can hurt themselves jumping or slipping or falling awkwardly and would benefit from McTimoney Therapy.